exceet scales up production of cards made from recycled materials

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At our card production centre in Kematen, we already manufacture more than 60% of all plastic cards from recycled materials. For payment cards, we are already above 75%. And the number is growing every day. The use of recycled materials in card production marks another milestone in our company’s history..

Together with our customers and suppliers, we aim to use resources as responsibly as possible. This starts with the recycling of plastics. We collect our production waste and have it processed into new card materials following the principles of the circular economy. This gives plastic waste a “second life”. To make this possible, we are constantly optimizing our entire production process. We are convinced that this commitment is worthwhile.

The unique combination of recycled material and our special production processes result in cards with remarkable robustness and resilience – despite or indeed due to the use of recycled plastic.

By recycling our production waste, we are taking another step towards a fully circular economy and we will do whatever it takes to realize the next steps.