🏅 Step by step to the (tree)top: Team exceet Card Austria wins the Company Challenge Austria 2022

We are really proud of our exceet Card Austria team, who took part in the Company Challenge 2022 of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber for the first time. And because there is obviously magic in every beginning we even managed to win our category.

Honestly, we didn’t expect that. In these times it’s not easy for companies to motivate the staff to take part in health-promoting programs or activities. To see our team going the extra mile was fantastic. With 186,786 minutes of physical activity, our employees not only contributed to their own health during the campaign, they also made an active contribution to environmental protection. For every company registration and every 1,000 minutes of exercise, a tree will be planted.

At the closing event on Thursday, November 24, our Marketing Manager and Corporate Challe Manager Alena Platzgummer collected the award at the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna.

Alena Platzgummer: “We are happy. Thanks to the entire team and to our management Uli Reutner and Robert Wolny. We need leaders and employers who care about the health of their staff, who are open to new ideas and who actively do something about it. It’s great that so many of our colleagues were motivated to participate.”

Around 220 Austrian companies collected more than 7.5 million minutes of physical activity and burned 55 million calories in 662,037 activities in 111 sports.