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Lettershop / Fulfillment

We can deliver your cards securely to your customers. Our systems are able to attach up to 4 cards to the carrier paper, which is then automatically inserted into an envelope together with any required enclosures. 100% matching of cards with cover letters is naturally guaranteed. The PIN letters are likewise dispatched under conditions of the greatest possible security.

For postal dispatch we identify the most favourable rates in each case and we procure the necessary materials at the best possible conditions. We can also provide customised manual packaging on request.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Various manual packaging alternatives
  • Automated packaging: selection of the carrier via a barcode; matching with the card via magnetic stripe, chip or camera
  • Different types of carrier paper folds

Features of our service:

  • Several letters can be inserted into a single envelope
  • Up to 4 cards can be attached to each cover letter
  • Up to 6 enclosures can be assigned to each mailing
  • Matching with cover letters
  • Weighing

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We are your partner for lettershop / fulfillment, look forward to your inquiry and would be happy to advise you.