We have extensive experience especially in the field of personalisation. Our facilities enable us to personalise up to 0.5 million cards per day. We guarantee the accurate and error-free transmission of your customers’ data – if necessary in line with the requirements of Mastercard and Visa.

We offer all state-of-the-art personalisation techniques, from labelling to encoding of magstripes and chips.

An overview of our personalisation options:

Optical personalisation:

  • Laser
  • Thermal transfer
  • Indentprint
  • Embossing
  • Picturecard
  • Drop on Demand (DoD)
  • Hot stamp (Security ID-cards)
  • Specialty inks

Electronic personalisation:

  • Contact chip
  • Contactless chip
  • Magstripe

The thermal printing

Also known as thermal transfer printing, it is applied to the surface of the card and impresses with its abrasion resistance and flexibility. It is particularly flexible in that, for example, all Windows-based fonts can be used for printing. The standard colour is black, but other colours such as white, gold, silver etc. can also be implemented on request. Barcodes and photos in black/white or colour can also be applied to the card using thermal printing.

The retransfer printing

Is printed in 4 colours on a carrier foil using the thermal sublimation process. The carrier foil is then transferred to the card under heat and pressure. The advantage of this printing technique is the borderless printing with very high quality and very high contrast.

The embossing

Is very common in the credit card sector. The highly embossed characters give your card an additional value (different colours are possible, such as gold, silver, black and white). However, since the font is standardized, there are only 2 different types, so that a certain restriction is given not least by the positioning of the text fields.


The personalization of plastic cards also includes the encoding of magnetic strips and various chip modules, whether contactless (such as Mifare or Legic) or contact-based. With the encoding, important functional features of the card are individualized and electronic data management becomes possible.

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