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In sensitive areas like Government or Corporate, cards have to fulfill very high security requirements. 

With our extensive know-how in chip and printing technologies (UV printing, iris printing, infrared printing, OVI) the cards we produce even exceed these requirements. 

For extremly sensitive applications, we have developed the first fully ISO-compliant card with an integrated fingerprint sensor. 

Additionally, we offer cloud services using electronic signatures and timestamps with a focus on privacy and data security.


Driving Licenses and IDs

The production of driving licenses and identification documents (e.g. police IDs) is subject to very strict requirements.  Such cards are usually manufactured in the compact D1 bank card format and must, depending on the issuing country and authority, satisfy a wide range of security requirements – the most important being counterfeit protection.

Licensed for Use of Security Inks - With its extensive and versatile production facilities and deep expertise in the field, exceet Card has all the means at its disposal for manufacturing security-sensitive and technically sophisticated identification documents. For example, exceet Card is able to print IDs with so-called OVI security inks. Using these pigments, the print image appears in different forms depending on the angle in which it is held to the light. Not all card manufacturers are permitted to use OVI security inks. As one of the few providers on the market, however, exceet Card has the required license and is thus authorized to utilize these inks in producing highly counterfeit-proof plastic cards.

Precision Placement in Personalization - In addition, we have wide experience and state-of-the-art production capabilities in the field of card personalization. In producing identification documents, we rely on these advantages to ensure high-precision placement of information content in very small boxes.

High Variety of Materials - Furthermore, our production technology lets us manufacture cards using a wide variety of materials such as ABS (an especially high-value and heat-resistant plastic material), PC (polycarbonate) or PET-G (polyethylene terephthalate with glycol).  

Our wide assortment of card options for maximum security requirements is backed up by software and services for secure business processes, e.g. Trust Center operation for accredited providers of certification services, signature software, time stamps and related services.
Signature Act-Compliant Trust Center

At our production facilities in Unterschleißheim, we also operate the exceet Secure Solutions Trust Center.  exceet Secure Solutions is a certification services provider accredited under the strict provisions of the German Signature Act and the EU Signature Directive. The Trust Center itself and its operation by exceet Card Group are therefore subject to maximum security requirements – for example, it is under constant supervision by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

Via the Trust Center, exceet Card delivers qualified electronic time stamps in accordance with the German Signature Act and the EU Signature Directive. This lets our clients conduct electronic, paperless business transactions without legal risk. Additionally, we provide software solutions for integrating qualified electronic signatures into all types of business processes, e.g. for legally secure patient files and electronic release processes. These qualified signatures likewise fulfill the requirements of the German Signature Act and the European Signature Directive. They can therefore also be utilized for business processes of internationally active enterprises.

Further information on qualified time stamps, trust centers, accredited providers of certification services, the Signature Act and the EU Signature Directive can be found in our free White Paper “Qualified Time Stamps“.  To order, simply send an email to info(at)exceet-secure-solutions.de.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

We also offer a broad portfolio of services for the GRC sphere, supporting clients on matters such as data protection and data security.  With our long-standing practical experience, we provide full-range support in implementing high-performing solutions, from the development of an ISMS (Information Security Management System) to required certifications and quality seals, e.g. ISO certification or TÜV approval.


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