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RFID Tickets

Our RFID ticket portfolio has been carefully designed with your applications in mind. Especially in public transport, event ticketing or access control installations, contactless infrastructures have been implemented. In order to explore the full potential of contactless infrastructures, RFID tickets are ever more used to replace maintenance intense magnetic stripe devices.

You have the choice among two ticket versions, each uniquely designed for your requirements: 



The Blue Ticket is the most cost-sensitive ticket version based on paper. It is durable and reliable during its operation in limited-use or occasional-use applications.The Green Ticket has been designed with the environment in mind. It uses ecological materials, such as polypropylene, and thus can be recycled.




Your benefits:

  • Save Costs
    • Reduction of infrastructure maintenance fees
    • Reduction of cash handling fees

  • Improve your customer experience
    • Reduction of waiting time
    • fast entrance

  • Improve your system efficiency
    • Higher throughput rate at entrance gates
    • Improved data mining possibilities
    • Reduced system downtime