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Creative Papermanagement

Creative design and high-value packaging boost your success.

Creative and attractive packaging is in high customer demand because it significantly increases the perceived value and gift character of the card. Creative packaging may be anything from plain envelopes to elaborate 3D wrapping or high-value gift boxes. You can offer such packaging as a special complimentary customer service, or profit from the fact that many customers will accept additional costs for showy and original packaging.

exceet Card Group products offer you a wide range of possibilities. Just click on the elements below to receive more information: 
Key Card Booklet with integrated map
Key Card Envelope style "fashion"
Keycard with integrated guide and keycard
Cardfolder style "wine"
card holder style "coffee"
Card Holder orange


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Go get inspired by our innovative designs of gift packages.

We are happy to develope and create individuall and innovative packaging for your needs - get in touch with our team today!