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Hardware Security Module

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

nCipher's solutions by Thales guarantee high-value, reliable protection when saving and transmitting security-relevant information anywhere in your enterprise.

This is your key to maintaining the security and integrity of your data, documents and credentials when distributing them to your staff, devices and locations.

If you want to effectively protect your enterprise-critical information, you first need to ensure that such information can only be accessed by specifically authorized individuals and under specific conditions. The prerequisite for this is a flexible security infrastructure that doesn’t just restrict access to the enterprise network or individual applications. There are many types of critical data: PIN numbers, credit card details, client information, medical documents, trade secrets, files and receipts that have to be archived, etc.

In the context of risk management and compliance with statutory law, enterprises are required to identify, classify and protect such data. They are obliged to employ additional security measures and ensure their efficacy with the aid of technology and management processes.

Security-conscious organizations know that encryption is essential to implementing these measures, because only encryption offers an absolutely trustworthy basis for confidentiality, proof of identity, data integrity and non-repudiation. More and more enterprises work with systems that link clients, suppliers and partners, and this creates an urgent and proportionate need for solutions that offer comprehensive security. These protective mechanisms must cover all instances in which information is stored, moved or distributed – across the entire enterprise, i.e. including branch offices, subsidiaries...).

Internationally, enterprises and organizations have long placed their trust in the quality of nCipher solutions by Thales. We would be happy to advise you on the solution that best suits your security requirements.

Here you will find detailed information about Hardware-Security-Modules and you can download our latest HSM Whitepaper for free: http://www.exceet-secure-solutions.de/en/it-security/hardware-security-modules/

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