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Contactless Cards

NFC – get „over the air“
As one of the most significant innovations in recent years the transmission standard Near Field Communication (NFC) opens new customized applications for mobile phones. These include access solutions, ticketing and loyalty programs. As one of few players in this market segment, exceet Card already possesses appropriate developments and project experience. 

Technical features

  • NFC is a standard for contactless transmission of data over a short distance.
  • HF technology in the frequency range of 13.56 MHz. based on ISO / IEC Standards
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • Infrastructure is largely compatible with ISO / IEC 14443 A and B (smart card world)


  • Applications can be downloaded over the air OTA => no reader need to recharge
  • SMS - services provide a very quick quote
  • Mobile phone can be used as an RFID reader
  • NFC phones in card emulation mode "work" as a smart card


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Director Product- und Business-Development

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