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Scratch Cards

red Vitoria Scratch CardWith our experience in printing applications in the security sector and the production of high volumes, we have developed a special offer for prepaid mobile operators and other prepaid markets:


  • Various cardboard types in various thicknesses
  • Various types of plastic (PVC, PS, PP), others on request 

 Printing technologies: 

  • Offset printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Special ink effects
  • Security stamping 


  • High Quality, High Speed ink jet printing  

 Cover of secure code: 

  • Hot stamp 
  • Label
  • Flexoprint 


  • Polypropylene transparent
  • Printed film with text or logo
  • Film with EAN Barcode
  • Unit wrapping
  • String
  • Over Wrapping
  • Boxes, Cartons
  • Traceability Labels
  • Secure Wooden Container 


  • Any type of leaflet