Wooden Cards

A piece of nature – attractive in appearance and unique in feel. The individual grain and colouring of the wood makes each card unique.
The wood for our cards comes from sustainably managed forests and we avoid the use of chemicals in card production as far as possible. By doing so we keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

Our wooden cards can be individually printed and personalised. We have developed dual-interface wooden cards as an environmentally friendly novelty. These consist of a prelam, which we manufacture from recycled PET-G, and two outer layers of wood, which we obtain from sustainably managed forests.

Sugar-cane Cards

Sugar cane is in vogue, and rightly so: the bagasse produced during syrup extraction is perfectly suited as pulp for the production of cardboard, while the raw material grows back much faster than wood.
Our sugar-cane cards are suitable for various applications and stand out thanks to the natural colouring of the material. Alternatively, we also offer sugar-cane cards with a white surface.

Zuckerrohrkarten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment
Grasfaserkarten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment

Grass-fibre Cards

These cards send out a clear signal:
The pulp-based paper has up to 40% grass-fibre content and no chemical processes are used in its manufacture. The raw materials come from compensation areas that are not used for agricultural purposes. Water savings of 99.9% compared to conventional wood pulp and the significant reduction in CO2 emissions speak for themselves.

These cards are suitable for DOD personalisation and can be printed individually.

Cardboard Cards

Perfect for a unique, custom design and at the same time gentle on the environment: cardboard cards are the ideal choice for a range of applications. We will be happy to advise you on the necessary thickness of the cardboard and the design and will turn around your requirements in the shortest possible time.
Many of our cardboard products are FSC™-certified.

Kartonkarten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment

Metal Cards

Full Metal Card
Made from pure stainless steel – giving cards a heavier feeling and a very cool touch!

Half Metal Card
A “MUST HAVE” to be unique, exclusive and have your card in a premium quality!

Plastic Cards

Full flexibility for creative solutions: depending on individual requirements and design, we manufacture cards from a wide variety of plastic types – from a thickness of 0.3 mm upwards. As a specialist in card punching, we can produce even the most unusual shapes, including in formats that do not comply with the ISO standard.

Laminated cards are recommended for longer durability. The surface is shiny, matt or silk matt. A special foil covers and protects the print.
Non-laminated cards are less expensive and are coated with a layer of varnish to protect the print.

Plastikkarte - Unser Kartensortiment
Magnetstreifenkarten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment

Magstripe Cards

Our product range is as broad as the many uses of magstripe cards. Take advantage of our professional advice and finely tuned production processes to identify your optimum solution.

We offer the following types of magstripes:

  • Magstripe 300 Oersted (Oe)
  • Magstripe 650 Oe
  • Magstripe 2750 Oe
  • Magstripe 3600 Oe
  • Magstripe 4000 Oe


Small card – big impact: using cards in contactless transactions is now a fact of life. Our decades of expertise and highly specialised and flexible production processes ensure optimum functionality. Our in-house antenna production makes us the ideal partner for custom solutions.
We also perform the initialisation, numbering and personalisation of the cards ourselves.

We supply and use standard products such as:

  • LEGIC-Familie: LEGIC Prime (MIM256, MIM1024), LEGIC Advant (ATCxxx)
  • Vicinity-ISO15693-Produkte: I-Code, TagIT
  • EMxxx
  • µ-controller cards for contact-based and contactless use, based on JCOP 2, 3 and 4

We can also include other chip variants in our production processes at any time as required. We offer application development and coding for Java-based cards.

RFID-Karten, NFC-Karten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment
Key-Fobs, Wrist Bands - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment
To our Key fobs

Tailored RFID Solutions

Key fobs, wristbands and RFID tags have the same functionality as RFID cards and are used in numerous areas. We offer a wide range of colours, shapes, materials and models for your custom solutions.

Available transponders:

  • LEGIC Prime, LEGIC Advant
  • EM

We will be happy to offer you other chip technologies on request, or work with you to develop the optimum solution for you.


Whether a pure memory card (health insurance card, prepaid card, loyalty card) or microprocessor card (cash/credit card, SIM card, decoder card): we produce all types of smart cards to the most exacting specifications.
With our in-house programming we have the requisite expertise to develop the best solution for you and to integrate it into our production processes, even on short deadlines. We always have standard chips in stock, enabling us to fulfil deliveries with short turnarounds.
Our data preparation and key management processes meet the requirements of Visa and Mastercard.

Operating systems used:

  • CardOS
  • JCOP (Visa)
  • jTOP
  • CombOS
  • MultOS (Mastercard)
Smartcards, Smart Cards - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment
Dual Interface & Hybrid Karten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment

Dual-Interface/Hybrid Cards

Highly flexible dual-interface and hybrid cards offer contact-based and contactless options. While the dual-interface card uses a contactless antenna and a contact interface to access a chip, the hybrid card features an additional contact chip implanted in a contactless card.

Our dual-interface cards work just as reliably as classic contactless cards.
We have teamed up with Infineon to develop antennas for inductive coupling of the chip module with the antenna. This connection technology is highly durable and robust.
We also offer Flexbump and ACF contact capabilities.
We have developed dual-interface wooden cards as an environmentally friendly novelty. These consist of a prelam, which we manufacture from recycled PET-G, and two outer layers of wood, which we obtain from sustainably managed forests.

Scratch Cards

Would you rather your customers didn’t have to rub their fingertips raw on scratch cards? You can rely on our tried-and-tested hot foil-stamping and labels to cover security codes.
As well as the hidden code, a scratch card also communicates your company’s image. We offer a wide variety of materials and printing techniques of the highest quality to make the best possible impression. We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice about all the design options.

Scratchkarten - exceet Card Group - Kartensortiment

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