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Zebra ZXP Series 8

The new Zebra ZXP 8 card printer appeals through its excellent image quality and printing speed which meet the requirements of all customer wishes. Various encoding options, low maintenance costs and high reliability make the Zebra ZXP 8 the perfect printer for sophisticated demands.


Printer Characteristics: 


  • Print Resolution 300 dpi, rimless

  • Printing Process: high-quality Retransfer colour print  

  • Connections: USB + Ethernet network interface 

  •  Printing Speed Colour: approx. 19 sec/ card side

  • Card Type: PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G, Polycarbonate 

  • Card thickness from 0,76mm to 1,02mm

  • Capacity of Card-Confiscation approx. 150 Cards (0,76mm)

  • Capacity of Card-Exit approx. 100 Cards (0,76mm) 

  • Dimensions (W*H*D) 303 x 356 x 519mm

  • Features: LCD-Display, lockable card input hopper