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FARGO DTC4500 Card Printer: The versatility of the DTC 4500 is impressive. It is suitable for all card types from the simple bonus card up to the highly developed access control card with integrated electronics. Thanks to its robust and reliable print machine this printer combines speed, performance and flexibility. Colour ribbons with high capacity enable the DTC 4500 to print twice as many full colour cards than most printers before the ribbon has to be exchanged.

The DTC 4500 can be upgraded with many additional modules and so be adjusted to increased requirements in terms of security or issue of ID cards:

The possibility of optional laminating increases the counterfeit protection and durability of the ID Cards. The simultaneous lamination saves moreover valuable time and increases the throughput.

The optional module for double sided printing expands the available place for information on the ID card holder or security functions as a second photo or a digital signature.

Encoding modules encode data on integrated magnetic stripes, Prox-IDs and contactless or contact bases ID cards, which for example use the Mifare Desfire® or iCLASS® technology to encode cards for access control or other applications.

Its standard features include colour ribbons with high capacity and a double card entry with a big card slot for different types of cards.

The DTC4500 combines high security with simple handling:  

Next to the common password protection it offers the print with fluorescing colours, so that you can increase your IDs´ security cost-effective and dynamically

At any time you can easily follow the printer´s status through its SmartScreen™ Display.

With the standard equipped second card slot entrance you can increase the capacity of the card slot and can print various card types at the same time.

Easy integration into existing IT- Infrastructure thanks to its integrated Ethernet and USB interfaces allowing a centralised or distributed control of the card issue.

The first device, that offers ID printing and encoding by only one connection – USB or Ethernet.