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DTC 4000

The Fargo HID DTC 4000 Card Printer was especially developed for medium enterprises, schools and local authorities, which need in terms of comfort, professionality and security a versatile ID-System. Thanks to its scalability it does not only fulfil current but through its optional upgrade modules also future requirements:

Increased Security –The DTC4000 is steeled for your security technology.

Next to the common password protection it offers the print with fluorescing colours, so that you can increase your IDs´ security cost-effective and dynamically.

The optional dual-side print expands the place on the card for the company´s logo, information on the card holder or further security options.

Quick set up, simple printing, clear status information on the SmartScreen™ Display and the All-in-One colour ribbons facilitate your daily work.

The card slot and exit can take place at the same site. Together with the flexible SmartScreen™ Display the card printer suits into the smallest gap.

With the environmental friendly delete function the DTC4000 can rewrite temporary ID cards.