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DTC 1000

The Fargo DTC1000 Card Printer was especially developed for small and medium-sized companies, which appreciate fundamental functionality in combination with easy handling and simple upgradeability. This card printer is nearly maintenance-free and creates cost-effective, coloured plastic identity cards and technology cards. Benefit from integrated and optional functions tailored for your company:

Through the environmental friendly delete-function the DTC 1000 is able to rewrite temporarily IDs. Prints different card types –from simple loyalty cards to highly developed access control cards with card thicknesses from 0,229mm to 1,016mm. The optional dual-side print expands the place on the card for the company´s logo, information on the card holder or further security options.
Only in a view steps you can connect your printer to the network and so print from any computer within the network.
The All-in-One ink ribbons facilitate the change of ribbons.