The digital transformation is causing cash to gradually disappear. Cash is heavy, voluminous and unsafe. Today, we all have debit/credit cards and paying by card is not exclusive to financial institutions. This can be extended to many sectors where money transactions take place.

Cashless payment cards often have a RFID-chip, contact-chip, mag-stripe, embossing and a signature panel.

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We produce your cards at our facilities in Austria and Germany, which are certified by Mastercard and Visa. Our in-house antenna production capability enables us to react quickly and independently of suppliers. We perform optical and digital personalisation at our own premises using the latest chip technologies while observing the most exacting security standards. Our security environment also enables the production of cards for government applications, such as ID cards and driving licences.


The production of bank and credit cards is a matter of trust, which is why we consider direct and unbureaucratic contact with our customers to be essential. We are a single point of contact who will guide your project from the first idea right through to implementation. This approach has seen us become one of the leading providers of payment cards for Fintech companies.


With more than 20 years’ experience in the payment-card production business, we have continuously optimised our production processes to meet the requirements of our customers. Special orders for unusual card designs or creative packaging are also seamlessly integrated into our production processes to ensure you leave a lasting impression. We will be happy to offer you worldwide shipping through our lettershop service.


Short delivery, production and communication channels guarantee smooth and rapid order processing. In addition to our stock of standard chips, we can also source alternative products at short notice. Whether you’re looking for a standard or custom solution, a small or large run – we are your responsive and reliable partner.


Fossil fuels are becoming less and less interesting in a fast changing mobility environment. Ecological alternatives are stimulated by governments and companies due to the advantages. By adapting our public infrastructure, it is impossible to imagine the streets without charging points, poles and charging stations.

Charging Cards often have a RFID-chip, barcode, QR-code and a keytag.

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