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Card production

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Card production

exceet Card Group runs state-of-the art production facilities with high-security segments certified for VISA and MasterCard. The Group’s production sites offer maximum flexibility and can manufacture prototypes as well as small and very high product circulation volumes.

In this videos you obtain interesting insights into the production in our sites Kematen (A), Munich (D) and Prachatice (CZ):

Employee producing prepresses for plastic cards
Card application
produced cards are spent at a letter
Card personalisation
Cards are personalised  through data and prints
Laser engraving
Personalization of plastic cards through laser engraving.
Controlling encoding
Controlling encoding of the card
Optical control
optical Control of the cards.
Chip implantation
Chip implantation at a card carrier
Card finishing
Employee finishing the cards
Card punching
Cards get punched out from print sheets.
Employee laminating the different layers to one card.
Checking of RFID antennas
RFID antennas get checked regularly.
Applying RFID antennas
RFID antennas get carefully applied.
Four-color printing
Employee checking cards in four-color printing
Produced cards get mailed to final destination