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exceet face shield

Especially for wearers of glasses the new face mask regulation is a burden. The constant fogging up of the glasses is obscuring the vision, which makes wearing any traditional mask uncomfortable. For that reason we created our face shield: it allows proper air ventilation, it is easy to clean, re-usable and still strong against viruses and bacteria.

The mask consists of three components:

  • The face shields are made of transparent plastic, which allows for proper cleaning and disinfection.
  • The head piece is made of grass-fibre material – to help to protect our beautiful nature.
  • Adjustable rubber strings to ensure a perfect fit

It is constructed to match the wearers head shape and ensures zero contact to the nose. Ideal for people wearing glasses.


We provide you with the opportunity to print your company logo on either the shield or the grass-
fibre head piece. For an individualised and stand-out look!

Due to the special construction it is possible to ship the shield in an envelope.


Minimum order quantity: 1000 – for prices please contact us.


To product information sheet (PDF)
exceet face shield - exceet Gesichtsmaske