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Production facilities and offices of exceet Card Group

exceet Card Austria GmbH


Industriezone 3
A-6175 Kematen
Tel.: +43 (0)5232 206 86
E-mail: info.kem@exceet-card.com

Sales Office Vienna
Kugelfanggasse 34/2
A-1210 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 604 18 00
E-mail: info.wien@exceet-card.com

All products – from the simple plastic card to the high-tech smart card – are manufactured at our production facility in Kematen in Tyrol in small quantities or runs of millions depending on the customer’s requirements. We also offer personalisation, the services of our lettershop and special packaging. The site is certified by Mastercard and Visa for the production of bank and credit cards.

The sales office in Vienna focuses on the sale of all our products as well as the trade with card printers and accessories.

exceet Card AG


Edisonstraße 3
D-85716 Unterschleissheim/Munich
Tel.: +49 (0)89 33034-0
E-mail: info.ush@exceet-card.com

Sales Office Bamberg
Heinrichsdamm 7
D-96047 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 (0)951 96 86 94-24
E-mail: loyalty@exceet-card.com

Card solutions for banking applications are handled at the Mastercard and Visa-certified production facility in Unterschleissheim near Munich. Services offered here focus on the personalisation and lettershopping of these cards. The branch’s portfolio covers all services from data verification to lifecycle management of smart cards.

The sales office in Bamberg specialises in the field of loyalty & gift cards. With a comprehensive range of consulting services, the team ensures the tailor-made design of effective customer loyalty measures.

exceet Card CZ s.r.o.

Czech Republic

Žernovice 1
CZ-38301 Prachatice
Tel.: +420 (0)739 615 962

The Czech subsidiary is the Group’s RFID centre with its own antenna production, including for customer-specific antenna designs. In addition, this facility produces highly individual packaging for a wide range of applications.

exceet Card Group AG


Kurfürsten-Anlage 59
69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49(0) 6221 651 30-290

Registered office of the company.

Intercard AG


Baslerstrasse 102
8048 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 404 54 54

Registered office of the company.

Intercard AG
Schützenstrasse 19
8902 Urdorf
Phone: +41 43 455 75 55

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